Accursed Years - The Witan


Origin:  Dorset, U.K.


Genre:  Dark Folk Metal


Years Active:  2013 - Present


Label:  Independant


Accursed Years is a metal band from Weymouth, England. Providing a bleak, atmospheric, yet fist-pumping style of metal influenced by a combination of the European folk, black and melodic death metal scenes, and the more sombre forms of metal from their native land.

Originally formed in 2013, Accursed Years have forged a sound both melodic and extreme. Fusing elements of various musical genres with a traditional metal sound. Accursed Years takes it's name from the two thousand years of the first period of Sauron's rule over J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth in the latter part of the Second Age.


Accursed Years released their first single "Oaken Weave" in December 2015, followed by an orchestral EP in mid-2016 called "Fall of Frost". After a brief hiatus, the band has returned in full force, releasing new music throughout 2020 and 2021


Label: Independent

Booking: AccursedYears@gmail.com

Mobile: +44 7751 751960


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