Updated: Nov 18, 2020

LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland

GENRE: Folk Metal

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Alestorm, Rumahoy, Korpiklaani

Just when 2020 looked to be nothing but bleak and miserable, a new band pops up to shovel through the shit with its own brand of infectious alcohol fueled music. Anchorsmashed follows in the footsteps of Pirate Metal bands like Alestorm, and thus far are doing an excellent job


This is the part where we get to ask the band a few questions.... Just in case you missed the big title above. Lets begin!

1. Is this a one man project? Are there any hopes of making this a full gigging band?

ANSWER: Anchorsmashed was until very recently a full band. There was an unpleasant disagreement over the course I'd charted out for the crew. Rick (bass), Colin (keys) and Derek (drums) are currently in the Western General recovering from ocean related complications. It is unlikely they will return to the band. Such a shame there was a boating accident after the fall out... Anyway, we're hiring! We'll want to start gigging in the new year after the album is out and the plague has died down a bit.

2. Who would win in a fight... a pirate, a troll or a dwarf?

ANSWER: Now that is a difficult question. Let me see... Pirates can drink a lot and have gunpowder, but they're naturally weak to trolls (their strength easily overpowers them). Dwarves can defeat trolls (they get a +5 bonus to setting traps in abandoned mines, which trolls just love to explore) so it seems like dwarves come out on top. But here's the kicker, dwarves can't swim! Plus you can't dig a mine in the ocean. The walls and ceiling cave in too quickly.

Given that it's a three-way tie I'll go with pirates because that's our current theme. Ask again in a year when we release our troll metal album.

3. What inspired you to start Anchorsmashed?

ANSWER: I was listening to a folk metal playlist on Spotify and realised that none of it was quite right. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good folk metal bands out there! They're just not fronted by me is all.

So to embark upon the most righteous project of righting the wrongs of pirate, troll and dwarven themed folk metals I hired a crew and began writing songs. By the time me and my boys are through we'll have left a dark mark upon the face of modern metal and I'll finally be able to tune into heavy metal radio stations without the fear of hearing music that is not my own.

4. What is your personal drink of choice for listening to Anchorsmashed? What do you recommend to the listeners?

ANSWER: I'd have said Hobgoblin though I swear the flavour has been affected by the label change. Were you aware of this? Wychwood brewery changed their beer labels. They look trendy now. Less character... it's a rotten shame and no one is talking about it. In lieu I drink a lot of plum porter and The Bastian is partial to some coffee stout.

For listening to Anchorsmashed it has to be something coconut rum based, maybe with pineapple juice. We don't include steel drums in our music for nothing!

5. You are Captain Blackett, but what is the name of your ship?

ANSWER: We'd taken to calling it The Good Ship Plunderbus but it belonged to Derek's dad and what with him being in intensive care I don't think he'll be driving it again any time soon... Do you happen to know anyone selling a ship? Preferably nothing earlier than 2010, low mileage on the clock, recent MOT and black paint if possible.

So far, Anchorsmashed have already released two singles and an EP this year, with the single "Pistolas" being the most recent.

Check them out on Facebook.

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