LOCATION: Basque Country, Spain

GENRE: Folk Metal

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Manegarm, Bathory, Varg

Truely memorable Folk Metal from the Basque Country. With it's use of folk instruments and melodic death metal style guitars and vocals, this a band that'll get you headbanging in no time, with an obvious beer in hand of course! Biersbreaker takes you on a journey of drunken adventure, where you'll battling and drinking your way to the halls of Valhalla in no time.


This is the part where we get to ask the band a few questions. Lets begin!

1. How much has the unique history and culture of the Basque Country had an influence on yourselves and your music?

Well, we are all Martians from the Basque Country, so we grew up surrounded by Basque folklore and culture, it is a great influence. In fact, maybe in the future we will leave Viking stories and focus on our own mythology or even sing in our own language (Euskara). Actually, when we made the band we didn't plan to focus on Norse mythology, it was a bit more of a pan-European project , but people started calling us Vikings and we ended up assuming that role.

2. What are the biggest musical influences you've had for Biersbreaker?

Everything. To be concrete and be able to give an answer: Bathory, Burzum, the first albums of Amon Amarth and of course the current influence of Ensiferum, Alestorm, Manegarm... Celtic folk, Wardruna, Corvus Corax.. but each of us listen to very different music, from technical death metal to power metal, so when we make a song each one contributes with their own influences.

3. Am I correct in thinking you use folk instruments in your music? What instruments are currently used and what instrument would you most like to include in future music?

Yes, you are correct. We use folk instruments in our music. The tin whistle and the bagpipe are always present. For the lastest album that we are finalizing at the moment we have also recorded accordion, "chirimia" (chalemie), hurdy gurdy and didgeridoo thanks to collaborations with other musicians.

4. Plenty of your lyrics are filled with talk of beer (It's even in your bands name!). Naturally, it got me wondering what you all like drink! Do you have a preferred beer of choice?

Beer!! As we have told you, each one of us likes a different type of metal, but it is beer that has brought us together in folk metal, because if you're drinking litres and litres, you can only play folk metal. A preferred beer... any that come with girls.

5. We're all eagerly awaiting the release of new material, are you able to tell us anything about your plans for the near future?

The last album was planned for 2020, but with the whole pandemic situation we have decided to postpone it. We don't have a large social media presence, so we've always associated a record release with a little tour to present it. Anyway, we are already working to release something in 2021, we hope it can be the album so we can get back on the road, but if not, there will be songs and videos from Biersbreaker.

Thank you so much and metal (and beers)!!

Biersbreaker released their first album titled Shout for War in 2012, followed by their Drunken Bards EP in 2016, and are currently working on new material.

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