Updated: Nov 18, 2020

LOCATION: Netherlands

GENRE: Folk Metal

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Turisas, Heidevolk, Ensiferum

Epic Folk Metal from the Netherlands, with a heavy emphasis on mythology and folklore. The band feature the use of violin and folk styled keyboards to great effect, creating catchy melodies backed by heavy guitars and death metal vocals. An absolute must listen for any fans of Folk Metal.


This is the part where we get to ask the band a few questions. Lets begin!

1. What inspired you to start Ilmarinen?

Many years ago, I felt inspired and wanted to tell a story through music. I had always been a fan of legends and stuff, so I decided to focus my idea around that. Some simple songs were written, and a general plan was made. The only thing lacking was a band of actual musicians to make this happen. I decided then and there that I wanted this dream to become a reality, and bring my idea to the stage. Little by little, musicians were found and what basically started as a one-man project had now been turned into a full band.

2. Where does the name Ilmarinen come from?

Ilmarinen is the name of a Finnish mythological figure (or god), who is known for creating the skies, and the legendary artifact Sampo. Many musicians give their band a name inspired by mythology or fantasy, however those names often have something to do with war and the like, to sound more brutal. I wanted to show something different, as we are not so much about destruction or war, but more about creating something special. So what better than to name the band after a god that is known for creating the most precious things in the world?

You might be thinking, why a Finnish name when we ourselves are not from Finland? Well, our music and show is themed around the Nordic lands quite a bit, and it also just sounds pretty cool!

3. What's your favourite band to have shared the stage with in the past?

That would be our friends in Solarcycles. They are a female-fronted folk metal band worth checking out. They released a couple of cool videos lately and they're really good. We've played a couple of gigs with them and they are great people to hang around with, and fantastic songwriters. We hope to share the stage with them again in the future.

4. Has the folklore of the Netherlands been an inspiration to your music?

Some songs on our demo EP are influenced by Germanic (and so also Dutch) folklore in one way or another, especially since Nordic and Germanic mythology share some overlap. Our upcoming debut album is more inspired by historic Viking expeditions (or raids, as some would call them), with a slight hint of Finnish mythology sprinkled in there. There are no real Dutch influences there, but who knows... if we find some more cool stories in Dutch folklore, we might feature them in future songs!

5. What plans do you have for Ilmarinen in the future?

Right now planning shows is incredibly difficult, so we will be focusing our efforts on releasing a new album for now. We cannot say too much about that yet, but we hope to share some more information within a couple of months. When that is released, and this madness that is going on in the world right now is over, we hope to follow the path of the Vikings and conquer England, or all of Europe, with our music! We hope to see you there!

Ilmarinen released their first EP titled "Tribute to a King" in December 2018.

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