LOCATION: Shetland, Scotland

GENRE: Viking Metal

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Bathory, Skalmond, Falkenbach

Striking an excellent balance between the extreme sound of Black Metal and the melodic guitar work of Folk Metal, Jarlshof stands as a unique one man project. Its influences are clear to the listener, but it never goes as far as to outright copy any other band. Instead, Jarlshof hammers you with brilliant guitar work, filled with plenty of memorable moments and loving spoonful of dark atmosphere.


This is the part where we get to ask the band a few questions.... Just in case you missed the big title above. Lets begin!

1. What inspired you to start Jarlshof?

ANSWER: Windir, Bathory, Saor, Falkenbach. I thought all these one man bands were brilliant and loved the idea of having complete control over my vision. On top of that, The landscape of where I’m from (Shetland Islands).

2. Where does the name Jarlshof come from?

ANSWER: Jarlshof is the name of An old Viking settlement in Shetland. It translates to “Jarls Temple” or “Jarls Heathen Temple” as “hof” meant temple in the pagan days. I don’t believe there was ever a temple there but a novelist gave the name to this settlement in his book, and it stuck.

3. Are there any intentions in the future to turn Jarlshof into a gigging band?

ANSWER: It’s a pipe dream right now but I am working on new material which I fully believe is very strong and unique in terms of folkish melodic black metal and I’m hoping that I can maybe at least do a one off gig in the future. We shall see how the reception of the new material is (maybe it’s not as good as I think)

4. What's the best Metal song to sing in the shower?

ANSWER: Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus

5. What's the most unexpected influence upon Jarlshof? (Musical or otherwise)

ANSWER: Maybe not too unexpected but Amon Amarth and Iron Maiden, you will Hear a lot of NWOBHM vibes and Amon Amarth style leads and melodies on tracks like “Shadows of the Stones”.

Jarlshofs first full length album titled "The Destruction of Ymir" was released in January this year.

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