Updated: Nov 18, 2020

LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden

GENRE: Folk Metal

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Ensiferum

Today we're taking a listen to Today we're taking a listen to Lombolo, a recent arrival in the folk metal scene. Fun, jiggy and unmistakely folky in it's sound, Lombolo brilliantly combine Scandinavian folk metal with their own unique elements of flute and three seperate vocalists.


This is the part where we get to ask the band a few questions. Lets begin!

1. Where does the name Lombolo come from?

Lombolo is a Meänkieli word which means 'swamp'. Meänkieli is an almost extinct dialect of Finnish spoken in Torne Valley, the northernmost parts of Sweden and Finland, where our guitarist Walerius Den's family comes from.

2. How did Lombolo end up with three vocalists? Was this always the plan?

Yes and no. We always knew in the back of our heads that we were three vocalists but we didn't realize that we could use that until we wrote our first songs. As for how we ended up that way, it mostly comes down to coincidence, as we formed mostly due to our instrumental capabilities, perhaps with the exception of Lennart, who we knew was going to do both flute and cleans.

3. What would be your dream band to share the stage with?

It would probably be Alestorm, since Lombolo was kind of founded when we wanted to play a cover of one of their songs on Lennart and Johan's graduation show. Plus their liveshows are insane.

4. What's the most unexpected influence you have for Lombolo (musical or otherwise)?

One of our strengths is probably that we all come from such different backgrounds musically. Walerius comes from melodeath/power metal, Lennart from prog and choir music and Johan from black metal and other extreme metal genres. Johan often brings, for us, unexpected suggestions, mainly with different extreme vocals and always keeps us on our toes. But our most unexpected influences are on some of our upcoming material: one song is inspired by classic spaghetti western movies and Ennio Morricone soundtracks, and another by the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

5. Your latest music video was filmed while social distancing. How was that experience and how difficult was this to do?

It was a bit more difficult than it had to be, because we didn't really plan exactly what everybody would film. So it was a big surprise seeing what the other members had filmed. But it turned out pretty great. For Johan, who edits all of our videos, it was the most fun and challenging to edit the videos, both because of the lack of information of what Walerius and Lennart were filming but also because of new editing techniques, a small bit of animation, and the differences in location.

Lombolo have recently released their first full length album, titled Vandringsmannen.

Check them out on Facebook.

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